Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take Two and Call Me In The Morning

I am weary. I have not had time to notice that summer's end is fast approaching because my spirit and my mind and most of my energy is so focused on the development and evolution of Wilbur, my new line of cocktail dresses. How are we going to find the perfect sales professional before it's too late? It has to be someone who can fully grasp our aesthetic and commit wholly to our vision of bringing a fresh approach to cocktail dressing? Patience is a virtue, but it is truly overrated.
Earlier this week my friend Donelle referred a mutual acquaintance to me for the position. "Why not ask her? Although her background is merchandise buying for young contemporary and plus sizes, she's been out of work for nearly a year. It's worth a try." It seemed an intelligent and knowing recommendation. So I went for the gusto. But in the back of my mind, I didn't think it would work out. Lisa F. has never been supportive when I've reached out to her in the past. And in fact, she's ignored my requests when I would ask for potential introductions to people that she knew. Not returning phone calls in a timely manner is her standard approach to me. So when she did it this time, it really came as no surprise. Yet, I still find it tired and rude. Oh well! On to the next.
Today I received an email from the manager of the furniture store that had met with me last week. He was interested in organizing a cross-promotional event at the space that would feature emerging fashion designers and visual artists. But the company heads decided to take a different approach. Because they want to maximize press coverage, they have decided to stage a runway presentation featuring already established high-end designers. Although I completely understand their decision, it still stinks. Established designers already have plenty of clout in the marketplace. It's us little guys that could really benefit from this kind of exposure. Could someone throw me a bone please?! Apparently the event planner that the manager was originally working with was scrapped and replaced with a fashion public relations firm who is connected to A-list apparel companies. These A-list apparel companies are even getting paid to participate. From the first meeting, it was made clear to me and the other potential participants that we would have to pay for our own models, make-up artists, and hairstylists out of pocket. Although the A-list designers have the financing to pay for their own, us emerging designers who barely have two pennies to rub together have to scrape together our coins to make it happen. How ironic.
Today I took a break from the grind and took Vaughn, the young man I mentor, to see the Model As Muse exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Isabel Toledo exhibit at the Museum at F.I.T. Seeing these 2 exhibits was the revitalizing elixir we needed to keep us marching forward toward our goals. We became excited, gleeful even, as we examined the awe-inducing work of Isabel Toledo. Her creativity knows no bounds. Her skills with fabric manipulation and draping and technique are just jaw-dropping. Our eyes danced with delight as we entered the exhibition space. Isabel Toledo's husband, Ruben, created whimsical watercolor illustrations that hung above our heads and we were transported to a fashion candyland. This feast was nourishment for the soul and exactly what the doctor ordered.
Peace & Fashion!

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