Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's New?

I haven't had time to breathe, much less blog.  But with a few stolen moments, I am using this down time to get some thoughts out there.
The SK WiLBUR + Fashion For Breakfast  Giveaway was a success.  Congratulations to MC Chau and Dori Carter!  We had over 300 entrants.  I am so thankful that my family weren't the only ones interested in the specially created carryall.  You may not have won, but everyone is a winner.  So to speak.  We are now selling a limited quantity of the style, Teena's Misdemeanor, on www.skwilbur.com.  So log on and order yours before it's too late.
Exclusive SK WiLBUR handbag styles are now being carried at The Brownstone at 24 East 125 Street in Harlem, NY.  You can't find them on our website or at any other store,  so make sure you take a trip uptown and holla at my girl, Princess, the shop's owner and buyer.
SK WiLBUR and the author/actor/TV Host Terrence J
I recently finished reading a wonderful memoir by TV personality and actor Terrence J  that really resonated for me.  "The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom" includes anecdotes about the Queens, NY native's struggles to make his dreams come true and the advice his mom gave to him along the way.
In particular, there is a chapter titled Perseverance & Determination that made me reflect on my own struggle to get my collection into the Fifth Avenue fashion emporium Henri Bendel.  The store hosts a bi-annual Open See that allows designers to bring their wares to be reviewed by the buyers with the hopes that their lines will be picked up by the store.  I've tried on nine (9) different occasions without success.  And I swore I would never try again.  But after reading the book and since I've never tried with my purses, I am starting to reconsider.  The next Open See is this Friday, which happens to be my favorite aunt's birthday.  Maybe it's in the cards for me this time.  I'll keep you posted.
That's it for now, Fashion Gladiators.  Find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.  If you holla at me, I will definitely hit ya back.
Peace & Fashion!