Friday, February 21, 2014

promote, Promote, PROMOTE!

Sometimes I get really tired of talking about myself.  In this era of the selfie, narcissism has become commonplace.  I try not to take it too seriously, but self-promotion, it seems, is one of the necessary steps to one's goals.  So, grudgingly, I continue to engage in the new world order.  I have difficulty embracing the 11th Commandment - It's ALL About Me, so I teeter  between seclusion and overexposure.  Is there such thing as finding the perfect balance?  Either way, I feel like I am doomed.  But to celebrate self-promotion (LOL!), I'd just like to mention that SK WiLBUR Minis are now being carried at Noir et Blanc, a lovely boutique located on 25th Street, just off Broadway.  The purses range in price from $15 for a small canvas style to $30 for a larger leather style.  And they come in an assortment of HAPPY colors and patterns.  Prices so low on items that are so cute, that you should rush there now so you don't miss out.  Hurry, Hurry!  Quick, Quick!
Peace & Fashion!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

SK WiLBUR at NY Fashion Week

Don't act like you didn't know about New York Fashion Week.  It's the bi-annual event where fashion designers show their collections of clothes that will land on store racks in six months.  I've shown my apparel collections during NYFW and I've even done guerrilla fashion shows on NYC sidewalks that caused quite a stylish stir.  So I was really hyped to participate in "Small Boutique Fashion Week" this Saturday past.  It all went down at The Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street between 5th & 6th Aves.  Hey, Lincoln Center is not the only fashion party in town. And there were runway shows and vendors, including yours truly, who were selling their wares.  The ladies who attended were snapping up SK WiLBUR purses, handbags, and clutches and I found that really validating.  I was even interviewed by urban radio legend Jeff Foxx.  I'll be posting the YouTube link so you can see some of the newest pieces and listen to our chat.  Altogether, it was pretty awesome!

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Peace & Fashion!

SK WiLBUR being interviewed by Jeff Foxx

Lovely Shakyra is rockin' the cotton zebra purse with the ostrich feather fringe