Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have opposing forces pulling at me.  On one hand, I am all Zen and connected to the universe as I invoke the preacher's words from Sunday's church service with declarations like "I am a winner!"  But on the other, I am worried that I will never quite measure up to the bigness of my dreams in the fashion world becoming just a small footnote that was never quite in vogue.  I wrestle with these 2 frames of mind often.  And so on the eve of what is to be my big launch, the angel and the devil are chillin' on my shoulders once again whispering in each of my ears as I try to press forward.  I'd rather listen to the angel with her ceaseless message of my success, but sometimes that devil encroaches and I become a panic-stricken fool.  My dresses are progressing nicely, though not at the pace that I would like them to.  Things are falling into place.  My creativity is through the roof.  But I just cannot get too overjoyed, yet.  Much still has to be done.  And I don't know how it's all going to play out.  But I just want to continue to trust my faith in myself and in my journey.  After all, a kind of paradise is on the horizon.  And it is filled with beautiful women wearing my dresses that they bought from the stores that I have always imagined carrying my line.  They are the kind of stores that dispense pretty shopping bags stuffed with tissue paper and provide unparalleled service.  Paradise is my destiny.  The devil be damned.

Peace & Fashion!

Monday, August 2, 2010

In The News

Last week, you could hear every curvy fashionista hoop & holler all over the blogosphere when it was announced that the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store here in New York City would begin carrying sizes up to a 14 (and some beyond) of haute fashions from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and others.  It makes dollars & sense considering the average woman is a size 14.  I say, "It's about time!"  I'm happy for all those fashion savvy curvy divas with lots of money to spend because now they have real access to the exclusive designers on the 3rd Floor.  But I hope my zaftig friends will also support me in my inaugural plus-size endeavor and continue up the escalator to Salon Z on the 8th Floor where (hopefully) you will find my line for a fraction of the prices on the designer floor.  I'm just saying!

I'm always ready to put in my 2 cents even when I am not asked for a contribution.  So when Gwen DeVoe, the founder of Full-Figured Fashion Week and super duper entrepreneur dedicated to all things fashionable for the fluffy girl, was a guest of the Life Size Radio show on I called in and offered my input.  Luckily, the host, Stephanie Arnold, and Gwen were happy to hear from me.  You can tune into the broadcast at Life Size Radio and weigh in on all the positive plus-size talk.  Since I am never weary when it comes to talk, I was invited once again to be a guest on my new friend, Muriel's show where she talks about Changing The Narrative.  This Saturday past I read an excerpt from my book Memoir of a BlackFashionDude which is only in its early stages.  And I discussed the fears that many of us harbor, including yours truly, when we decide to step out on faith and pursue our dreams.  I think you might find the broadcast enlightening and inspiring so please listen to it by clicking on Muriella's Corner.

That is all the news for now, I'm afraid.  But please look for my next blog entry where I will share more fashion and less talk.  All this talk has got my mouth kind of dry anyway.

Peace & Fashion!