Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Diva on the Horizon

Two days ago I spoke with Elisa DeCarlo, a fellow blogger whose over-the-top alter ego goes by the name of The Mad Fashionista. Elisa is a writer, actress, and storyteller who created The Mad Fashionista as a way to match wits with the elitist androids who are at the top of the fashion food chain. Her curvy, full figure and outsize personality are the antithesis of many editors-in-chief of high fashion glossies. Anna Wintour @ Vogue eat your heart out!

I met Elisa, or was it The Mad Fashionista, at a charity event last February when she expressed her delight with the denim gown my sister, a curvy girl herself, was wearing. When she discovered that I was the creative mastermind behind the elegant frock, she wanted to know more. Unfortunately, Ashanti & I were swept up in the pop of flashbulbs and the fizz of fabulousness during the entire evening so we really did not get a chance to chat further. But after I started journaling about my odyssey, The Mad Fashionista reached out to me and offered words of encouragement and pointers about maintaining a blog. I thought, "How wonderful for this diva to be so considerate and giving." I knew then that The Mad Fashionista and I would forge a wonderful friendship. And then I discovered that although she adheres to the fringes of fashion, she's also been featured in The New York Times Styles Section. This campy character that Elisa DeCarlo has created has a lot to say. Quirky, yet fabulous and elegantly trashy, I will again come face-to-face with Elisa and her alter ego when we meet on Monday. So while I wait for Oprah and Michelle O. to get back to me, I am going to have my hands full working with Elisa by adding a little more sophistication to The Mad Fashionista's wardrobe. And who knows what opportunities lie ahead.
Peace & Fashion!

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  1. Dahling, what a lovely post. You flatter me, and as you know, flattery will get you everywhere. I remember those dresses so well; I almost tackled you on the red carpet! (Although my dignity held me back, but not much.) I cannot wait to meet with you, and we can discuss my plans for both world domination and an excessive display of cleavage.