Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over The Rainbow

Ugghh! It is hot and it's making me feel very lazy! But as I assess everything that I have done this summer, individually and collectively with my partners in fashion crime, I realize that there is just no rest for the weary. And like the energizer bunny, I just keep goin' and goin'. Deep down, it is my fear of not reaching my goals that propels me forward. I have learned that I gotta make my fear work for me. And as an entrepreneur, I've learned to be especially proactive. I've already sketched my collection for fall 2010. I know you're probably saying to yourself that I must be crazy. After all, we just hired Marla, our sales professional, to get the inaugural spring collection into stores. But when you are working on the tightest budget this side of Fashion Avenue, you've got to plan your spending well in advance. And it is essential that we not run out of money. Fall 2010 sketches have elements of the subtly masculine and the overtly feminine because that dichotomy is just so provocative. And it can be kinda sexy, too. Whoever said sex sells knew what they were talking about. In addition, Ashanti and I have just re-designed our business cards. Ashanti is the wizard of illustrator and photoshop. Well, if I'd only had the skills. Maybe the wizard can give me some? Enough of channeling Dorothy for now! Serosh and Ashanti and I have just completed the updated version of our executive summary to reflect our new business direction. Having a document as a point of reference helps us to remain focused with our eyes on the prize. Plus, we are going to submit it to someone who will hopefully point us in the direction of raising a little working capital. That's the kind of wizard I'd like to meet. Now if I could just get my size 12 feet into these damn ruby slippers. . .
Peace & Fashion!

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