Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To The Future with The Mad Fashionista

Monday afternoon on the upper west side Elisa DeCarlo and I shared intimate secrets over a bite to eat. Unfortunately, The Mad Fashionista, Elisa's larger-than-life alter ego, was reluctant to make an appearance. Apparently having barely survived a busy weekend which included selling vintage clothing items and a very long Jewish wedding and reception (Is there any other kind?) out on Long Island followed by a dip in a pool at Jones Beach in full wedding guest regalia, The Mad Fashionista needed to take a little time off. No worries. At least I could chat with Elisa in peace without the over-the-top antics of the Fashionista. Elisa really is quite lovely. And she gets weak in the knees for 40's and 50's fashion. Watching old black and white films from the time she was a pre-teen helped shape her fashion sensibilities. I, too, share an appreciation for that time in fashion when ladies were always well turned out. Remember those smart dresses that Doris Day used to wear? But I try to put a modern spin on ladylike looks from that period with a nod and a wink to the past. I like to think of my aesthetic as more Back To The Future as opposed to just Back.

Elisa will officially be covering New York Fashion Week next month in full Mad Fashionista mode. I, unfortunately, cannot provide one of my modern pieces this season. Because someone of The Mad Fashionista's comportment will surely be photographed by all the media outlets documenting her comings and goings, it is a real disappointment. But we have vowed to work together on a look for the next NY Fashion Week in February as we both will have more to gain by such a collaboration at that time. Until then, stay tuned for more drama and mayhem as my team and I prepare for Market Week beginning on September 20.

Peace & Fashion!

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