Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's A Curvy Girl's World. . .this week

On this Sunday past, The NY Daily News published an article on the phenomenon that is Full-Figured Fashion Week.  (You can check out the story by clicking on the accompanying link - http://nydn.us/kfG1QO.)  It seems that for a few days, at least, the playing field for women of all sizes is level.  I've created fashions for the young contemporary woman, working women, and women of a certain age.  In the end, all women really want is to look good and feel like they matter.

Full-Figured Models wearing SK WiLBUR

I remember last year when my business partners and I launched the collection of dresses for the plus size woman.  My public relations friend, Simona Georgescu, contacted a fashion blogger who refused to attend.  Making no bones about her opinion she stated,  "Fat girls are gross and there is no such thing as plus-size fashion."  When the exchange was relayed to me, all I could do was shake my head and call her "a HOT mess".

I do believe that there is a point where carrying around too much weight can be unhealthy. But being too skinny is not good for you either.  And subjecting one's body to the stress of diet fads is just as bad.  We all should celebrate the woman who is a size 4 as well as the woman who is a size 14.  Because that is what makes us uniquely beautiful.

Peace & Fashion!

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