Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running The Reality Race

I can see the finish line!  This morning I received an email from the casting company assigned to the reality show I just auditioned for.  Apparently, the casting director "thought I was great and would like to move me forward to the next phase of the casting process."  YAY!  The next phase means a very invasive background check.  I liken it to a rectal exam.  Ewww!  So my very sad and bleak credit report will come under scrutiny like I am trying to buy a house.  And I am so not ready for that.  But I am ready to take my fashion game to the next level.  So if I must expose some of my credit indiscretions to get my clothing onto the racks of a major retailer, then I am down for it.

Today I had to meet with a professional.  Since Sunday, Ashanti has been trying in vain to transfer the video we shot Saturday evening onto a DVD.  Worried that my opportunity to get on All On The Line would soon go up in smoke, I contacted a videographer acquaintance who was able to burn 2 DVDs for me.  Wheww!  I then rushed to my nearest UPS store where I expedited the raw footage to the west coast based producer.  Disaster averted. . . hopefully.

The marathon continues.

Peace & Fashion!

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