Friday, June 17, 2011

White Is Right!

Ashanti & DeeDee

Wilbur with Sharon Quinn
Ashanti and DeeDee
Last night I had a date with about five hundred bodacious curvy women!  It was the opening night event for Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011 and we were all clad in white as we boarded the party yacht in Manhattan on 23rd street and FDR drive.  Celebration was the order of business for these goddesses as we threw back cocktails and danced and greeted each other with squeals and hugs.  The event founder, Gwen Devoe, gave a speech where she spoke of how she was inspired to create the 4-day long event after she attended her first NY Fashion Week show and there was no one there whom she, as a plus size woman, could identify with.  It was all quite fabulous.  But most fabulous were my sister, Ashanti, and my model friend, Dee Dee, who rocked SK WiLBUR.  Since seeing is believing, I'm just gonna let the photos speak for themselves.

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