Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Raw Side of Fashion

Fashion really is all smoke and mirrors. What is presented to the public is an airbrushed image of fashion. Behind the scenes before all the imperfections are erased, it can sometimes get ugly and gritty. And that is a far cry from the glamour of the catwalk and ritziness of tony emporiums like Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's New York. Admittedly, I was drawn to fashion because of its beauty. And I am still entranced by its heady mix of creativity, personality, and gloss.
This Saturday past was a culmination of several months of hard work, sacrifice, sweat, and worry. But when I saw the raw photos from our shoot before the sheen of photoshop had made them slick & magazine-ready, I felt more grateful for having the opportunities to live my dream. Because despite the imperfections and the bumps, I'm doing it. Almost twelve years ago, my cousin, Leroy, urged me to, "Just Do It!" I was making excuses afraid that I didn't have the chops (or the skills) to cut it in fashion. And I am still not sure if I do. But I have found something that makes my heart race and energizes and excites me. So I think I am pretty lucky. And that is the truth.
Today we launched the revamped company site, so check out I think our new web designer (who also happens to be a really talented photographer), Jeffrey French, did a remarkable job. And a select group of dresses from the spring collection are now being carried at Rhinoceros in Atlanta. So if you are down in the dirrty, dirrty check out the store. There is still more work to be done so I am just going to continue living my dream. No matter how raw it gets.
Peace & Fashion!

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