Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Who?

Last night, I, like millions of others, watched the Academy Awards presentation on ABC. And I was really pleased with many of the choices that the A-list actresses and their stylists made. And I'd like to begin with my favorite for the evening. Jennifer Lopez. She was an absolute vision in Armani Prive. And no other actress could hold a candle to her in that frothy & dreamy pale pink confection. Other standouts included Amanda Seyfried (also in Armani Prive), Demi Moore, Queen Latifah, best actress winner Sandra Bullock, and Penelope Cruz.
Not to be outdone by the drama of the Oscars, I had my own fashion-filled weekend. Saturday was the photo shoot for the look book for my fall collection Fine & Dandy. All of the members of Team Wilbur were assembled at the designated space at the designated time. That is - all except for one. After about an hour had passed and there was no sign of our second model, I began to panic. I had created a story for two women. I had prepared and drawn a story board to keep my photographer and I focused on each frame set up. I also came prepared with shoes and dresses and jewelry and hats and make up styles for 2 different women. Ashanti called her, but went directly to voice mail. About half an hour later, Ashanti texted the missing mannequin and then we waited. Finally she responded writing that she had been up very late the night before and was feeling sick and she was sorry she would not be able to make it. But please have an amazing day! After I yelled and screamed, I went into Make It Work mode. Because we had hired everyone and secured the space, I couldn't very well reschedule. As my mother used to say, "One monkey don't stop the show!" So we photographed Alexis wearing all the pieces. It took us a lot longer to finish, but judging from the raw images that I have seen already, it was a smashing success. . . luckily.
On Sunday, before I sat slumped in my easy chair like a typical couch potato glued to the Oscar program, I attended The Queens Fashion Week wrap up. I net-worked the crowd, was interviewed for a local program complete with television camera and reporter and had a model photographed wearing one of my signature looks. As awesome as it all was, I was happy when it was over and I could rush home to my cave. Because sometimes it is more fun to be in your sweats observing fashion from the sideline than to be in the thick of it.
Peace & Fashion!

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