Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Was He Thinking?

I am just so over the whole genre of celebrity oriented gossip magazines and websites that scream at me from the newsstands and the Internet on the daily. Every time I log onto yahoo or msn or at&t, their home pages have the latest about who did what to whom or who is doing whom or who is done. And I know it's because the general public eats up all that stuff. But don't you think it's gotten a little out of hand?! Poor Sandra Bullock. Poor Elin Woods. Poor me! There used to be a time when there was a certain amount of discretion in life, but because of the times we're living in I know that Heidi Montag has had a head-to-toe makeover thanks to her plastic surgeon. Who is she, anyway? And why is her plastic surgery fodder for us non-celebrities? I'm just saying! And when did we become so perfect that we could judge people who have fallen from grace. Has it gotten so bad where we have nothing better to do than to rake others over the coals in order to make ourselves feel better? It's just sad. Or maybe I'm missing out on all the benefits and pleasures of celebrity gossip. But when the paparazzi comes knocking at my door, I'm just gonna invite them in so that they can get flattering shots. In my mind, I am already a celebrity. It will only be a matter of time before some of you are tearing me down, too. But you won't have to wonder, "What was he thinking?"

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog today and I love your fashions and I will definitely do a post about you.

    And to think that I thought that I was the only one who felt like this. I can't do the negativity and the ignorance so I don't visit the websites that deal in this stupidity.

    All I can say is that the world or shall I say the USA and Britain is filled with a lot of miserable people who love to see other's join them in their misery. People in this country build people up enough to tear them down and then tear them into shreds.

    When people have no lives and a whole lot of time on their hands then this gives them the opportunity to waste their entire lives criticizing others. People who are doing something worthwhile don't have time for nonsense because their too busy enjoying life.

  2. Hello Ms. Divalocity!
    Thanks for the wonderful post & comments. There is a wise old saying about glass houses and throwing stones. But no one heeds that kind of advice anymore. I am far from perfect and refuse to call a celebrity out for something just because he or she has the misfortune of being a public figure. I am too busy trying to improve my life. And there is a lot of room for it. Let's live and let live.