Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something In The Air

After my self-imposed fashion detox, I have begun to feel more like myself again. My creativity is in full throttle. And I am happy to report that my seamstress, Alaina, and I are beginning the work for the Fall 2010 collection. I think the crisp autumn weather may have unlocked a treasure trove of ideas that's given my vision a focus & clarity that has been absent over the last couple of weeks. Or maybe it was that epic fever I suffered this Monday past which caused uncharacteristic hallucinatory visions? Whatever the reason - I am in possession of a tote bag spilling over with sumptuous wools, the sheerest silk organzas, the most exquisite silk/wool, the softest foiled leather skins, and the fiercest premium denim. My sketches are taking shape and I have created a story for the season that has my intrepid fashionista borrowing from the boys. The title of this collection is Fine & Dandy and the theme is based on the English Dandy - that very well turned out gentleman who wears clothing with finesse and style and panache. I searched the web to find contemporary images of a dandy and, once found, I translated them into something sexy, yet attainable for the modern woman. I applied motifs that are common for the dandy, such as the bow tie, the dress shirt, and the pocket watch with chain. But the shapes & silhouettes are very womanly. Some are voluminous, while others are body conscious. Each style will be named after a music diva's songs - just like spring 2010. And since I am "youtubing" a lot of vintage Diana Ross circa the 1970s, I have chosen her for my musical inspiration.

As Marla & I diligently work to get the spring 2010 collection on store racks early next year, I continue to follow through with my dreams and goals. And it requires that I tap into my reserves and commit to what I love most - conceptualizing and sketching beautiful new dress designs that women will hopefully covet. And sometimes the outside noise can wear me down and distract me. But I am never down for too long because there is something in the air. And it beckons to me to just keep on.

Peace & Fashion!

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