Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something New, Something Blue

Early Thursday morning my new fit model, Ila, texted me to say that she might be late to our afternoon appointment with George. No worries. It gave me a little time to sort out finishes and details and purchase alternative fabrics for some of those details. I realized that the denim I'd chosen was just too heavy and stiff. There would be no movement. And the foiled leather skins that I purchased, although really amazing, would be all wrong with my latest cocktail confections. So instead I chose a more supple, lighter weight denim and went with a luxurious silk faille. Most people don't know a faille from a taffeta, but you can definitely feel the difference. And it's about $15 more a yard! Trust me it's not only going to feel more fabulous, it is going to look more fabulous.

Working with a new fit model, a new tailor, and different denims has me feeling somewhat trepidacious. Let's face it, venturing off into the unknown is always a little unnerving. But 11 years ago, I made a decision to pursue something I really loved. And it constantly calls for me to press the refresh button and start anew. While keeping things status quo makes me feel very comfortable, there is no growth and no evolution. And there is definitely no way for me to become the successful fashion designer I am meant to be if I am just maintaining. So the initial feeling of dread gives way to the excitement of possibilities. And that is why I try to welcome newness into my world. Because I know that I am only moving closer to achieving my goals.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. Blackfashiondude...Whenever you look over the precipice, it's scary and the fall looks so far down. But, just jump and have faith...God has given you wings to soar!