Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Chosen

Last year I was selected by a panel of judges to participate in the inaugural runway design competition sponsored by Supima cotton. My mission was to create a dazzling evening look utilizing the world's finest cotton. It was such a validating experience. Until then I relied on my family and friends, who may have felt obligated, to assuage my anxieties about my designs. Was I really good enough to call myself a fashion designer? But when complete strangers and colleagues recognized my talent, my journey was legitimized. And I was proud to be one of the handpicked 25 whose frocks graced the runway that very warm evening during the summer of 2008.
Fast forward several months and Supima is readying for their 3rd runway competition. When I first caught wind of the announcement, it landed in my email box via the Mad Fashionista. At first, I was quick to dismiss it. Been there, done that, blogged about it! But then I looked over the information and noticed that there was a new component. Apparently, the winning designer will have their garment featured in Bloomingdale's and promoted by Supima. Jackpot! I am diligently working to get my collection into stores. My business partners and I hired a salesperson specifically for that purpose. Unfortunately, the person in charge of designer collections at Bloomingdale's declined to place an order for this spring. Maybe this would be a way to begin a dialogue with the powers-that-be and see if I can turn that no into a yes? I felt the universe beckoning to me. My first Supima experience provided the impetus to change direction and launch a more sophisticated, luxurious line. Who knows what possibilities lie ahead for me and Sorta Kinda Enterprises? So I had to answer the call.
My model, Vanessa, and I met up at the plantation where she changed into one of my denim cocktail confections. And we walked over to Bloomingdale's where we found camera men and sound guys with boom mikes recording the interviews that the judges were conducting with each candidate. It was amazing! I saw the team responsible for public relations with whom I worked when I was a Supima cotton virgin and greeted them warmly. And I was filmed as Topaz, the camera operator who is a west coast transplant, asked me questions about my past experiences with the Supima brand. When he questioned if I was nervous, I replied boldly, "Do I look like I am nervous?" I laugh at myself now, but it seems that all you have to do is turn a camera on me and I perk right up. And on top of that, the judges seemed to really appreciate my aesthetic. All I can say is that I really enjoyed today's excitement and pray that I am again one of the chosen.
Peace & Fashion!

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