Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rewriting The Scene

So it appears that Roger and I will not be collaborating after all. When we met, he remarked that he could tell I liked being the boss. But, honestly, being the boss is no picnic. As the heads of a business that has yet to take off, my partners and I are responsible personally for all the expenses including taxes, model fees, production costs, etc. We are, essentially, magicians who somehow do our best to turn a dime into a dollar. The business has not generated any revenue since its inception in 1998. And all of us work unsatisfying jobs on the side, funneling our monies into Sorta Kinda Enterprises. It is SO not glamorous. Honestly, I started my own line because I could not get a job in the industry. And although I lacked the experience, I was no longer interested in putting my dreams on hold. So I stepped out on faith. And I was willing to take that leap of faith with Roger. Unfortunately, he was not honest. When he did not return my last 2 phone calls after Monday's initial meeting, it became painfully apparent that we were not on the same page. My friend Kathryn M. was intuitive enough to caution me and point out that taking on a partner does not a fairytale make. And she is absolutely right. The decisions we make in desperation never end well. And blindly offering Roger a partnership before "courting him" was a sad, desperate attempt to decrease our production expenses. Better to have learned that lesson now rather than later.

On a sunnier note, today was the first fitting with my tailor, George, and my fit model, Ila, for Fall 2010. And it went very well. Even Ila, who seemed quite unimpressed when she glanced over my sketches last week, said she couldn't believe how great the muslin looked. I am always excited to see my ideas translated from the page to an actual garment, especially when it's done with precision and attention to detail. And I am just pleased with the initial outcome. Despite my money woes, my creativity is running rampant. This collection, in particular, has ignited an eruption of clever ideas and challenged me to explore further my notions of what is bold, modern, and classic. I have definitely hit my stride and I am going to continue to ride the crest.

So sometimes the script of our lives calls for a rewrite, but somehow we are where we need to be when the next scene takes place. And I am patient enough to see just how the story ends.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. i am excited to see that my old school chum Ila is still working in Fashion. your pieces are lovely and no one can wear them better than Ila. good choice to showcase your talent! cherres and much success C. Chaisson