Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shine On!

After taking a little Independence holiday break from blogging, I am back.  I feel something, some kind of excitement, percolating under my exterior.  There is nothing tangible happening. . . yet.  I am still waiting to hear from the two television reality shows that had expressed initial interest.  Being on either one of those shows would certainly provide me with great exposure.  In the meanwhile, I am working my butt off as my September 13 runway show date draws nearer.  I have started contacting models.  My seamstress, Angela, and I have begun fittings.  And I am in the throes of sewing more samples on my mother's old Singer for my soon-to-be-revealed handbag line.  I still wonder about my finances, or the lack thereof, and how I am going to pay for everything.  But my focus has shifted and I feel positive that things are going to work out in my favor.  Ashanti & I have also begun contacting a couple of brands about in-kind sponsorship for our runway show.  In other words, it is business as usual.  Only it's not, because this time I'm not going to let anything or anyone dull my shine.  So I suggest you put on your sunglasses.

Peace & Fashion!

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