Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bingeing on Bling

Over this past weekend my mother was perusing the latest issue of Architectural Digest to come in the mail. That was when she came across a photo of a breathtaking piece of fine jewelry.  "You know how I love beads," she said between sips of coffee.  "Let me see?" I asked.  It was a stunning five-strand necklace comprised of 18K yellow gold beads by Marco Bicego.  "It's only $28,700 and it's only sold at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship," my mother explained with a nudge and a wink in her voice.

I love jewelry.  I am not sure if it is my mother's or my grandmother's influence, but it is safe to say that we are a bling loving family.  I promised to make a trip to the tony department store later on in the week to check out the trinket in person.

Yesterday I eased on down Fifth Avenue and found myself darkening the store's grand doors.  I met Richard, the friendly sales associate, behind the Marco Bicego display case who informed me that the piece was not on the premises.  "However, it will be here tomorrow and so will the designer," he promised.  It didn't take much to convince me to make a return visit.

One of the results of my mother's cancer surgery this past April is that she gets winded very easily.  Although I wanted her to join me, I understood why she was reluctant to make the trip into Manhattan from Southeast Queens.  I promised to try on "the piece" (as we now call it) and have someone photograph me wearing it.

When I reached the fine jewelry area today, I was met by Leslie Block, the company's national accounts merchandiser for the U.S.  Apparently, Richard had already informed her of my interest in the necklace.  She whisked me to a cozy, carpeted back room where I came face-to-face with "the piece".  It was as awesome as I had imagined.  And the only one of its kind.  Leslie indulged my request to be photographed wearing "the piece" to make an assessment on the necklace's length.  It felt very tight around my size 17 neck and I think it would be only slightly roomier around my mother's neck.  When Leslie introduced me to the designer himself, they both agreed that having another necklace constructed for just a little more money would not be an issue.  I love great service and I was being treated like a V.I.P.  You just cannot get that at H&M!

After chatting with Richard and sipping champagne, I had to get back to my real life just outside the doors about 30 feet away.  But I know if I ever make it big, my mother can expect to get that necklace just because I think it would look pretty around her cancer-free neck.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. I am not sure I like the piece but I sure enjoy reading about your passion for bling. You go guy!

  2. What a lovely son. Your mom did a good job.