Saturday, July 30, 2011


A necklace from Lee Angel
Preparing my collection for a show takes a lot more than just designing the looks.  It is of equal importance to hire skilled samplemakers who will flawlessly construct each design so that the translation from sketch to actual garment is seamless.  I must also cast the models who will bring just the right amount of sashay to my runway.  And then there are the extraneous details like shoes, makeup, hair, and jewelry.  A moment that lasts a little less than 10 minutes takes months and months of meticulous preparation.

Michelle Pfeiffer & Al Pacino in a scene from Scarface
This week I began to actively search out those extraneous details.  I landed at Lee Angel, the company known for its chic, yet affordable fashion jewelry.  Ms. Pema, my guide through the company's archives, showed me fabulous piece after fabulous piece of necklaces and bracelets.  I am so pleased and excited to have them as my jewelry sponsor.

Next, I was onto hair.  My inspiration for this season is Michelle Pfeiffer's character in the Brian DePalma film Scarface.  She was just so elegant and sexy and sophisticated.  A real foil to Al Pacino's crass drug lord.

I have also begun approaching several shoe companies about supplying the footwear for my models.  A few have turned me down.  I am not sure why as my approach has been extremely professional, highlighting the public relations benefit of being part of a NY Fashion Week runway show.  Undaunted, however, I continue with my quest.  A barefoot woman on my runway is SO unstylish.

I remain in the trenches as I battle it out to have the most polished catwalk possible.  As I get closer to my September 13 show date, I am sure that there will be more drama, more obstacles, and more fashion.

Peace & Fashion!

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