Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ending The Week With A BANG

Emily M.
Today I met with Emily M., a fabulous plus-sized model, who will be wearing one of the pieces for my runway show on September 13.  The dress needed to be tailored just a little more to accentuate her glorious curves.  Once my tailor, Carl, had pinned the dress in all the pertinent places, I could visualize Emily setting my runway on fire.  It's a shame that there are not many opportunities for curvy models to parade the catwalk.  Luckily, Emily has a career doing hair and makeup on television shows like Royal Pains on USA and The Good Wife on CBS.  The woman is multi-talented and I am very fortunate to have found an ally in her.

This afternoon I received a call from Matilda from the production company that is working on the as-yet-untitled reality show for the Lifetime network.  She left a message on my voicemail while I was at the plantation congratulating me on getting to the next step in the process to being chosen for the show.  YAY!  When I called Matilda back she was eager to conduct a telephone interview with me.  "Are you available at four o'clock today, Wilbur?" she asked in her proper British lilt.  "It will take about forty-five minutes," she advised.  "That would be great, Matilda," I answered.  At almost 4:15, Matilda and I were deep into my interrogation, I mean, interview.  I felt good afterwards when Matilda informed me that she would be sending an email with a release for my photographers to sign off the use of their images.  She also told me that the powers-that-be would be making their final decision soon, as the series is set to begin shooting on August 9.

As I get close to the end of this reality show process, I cannot help believing that my chances are really good and this time I will finally make the cut.  Persistence, I guess, really does pay off.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Congrats WillyBurg!! Shine brother shine!!

  2. I really hope you're right and that you'll make it!

  3. @Steffy-Full Style - Thank You! I am going to try to shine brightly.

    @Going Natural - I know I will. It is my divine path.