Sunday, January 3, 2010


As a new year approaches, I always make an assessment of my life. Where am I as a human being? As a fashion designer? What happened this past year that I am proud of and what can I do to improve my life and perhaps the lives of others? I thank God that I am still blessed to be able to pursue my goals and for the wonderful people that support me, challenge me, and propel me forward.

2009 was a year of a few firsts for me. I threw caution to the wind and made the decision to design a line of cocktail dresses. I'd wanted to do a line of more tailored and sexy looks for a little while now. But with things being the way that they are and it being difficult to break into a market crowded with well-known names and faces, I had put that part of my dream on hold. I was informed by an industry expert that what I really wanted to do accounted for less than 20% of consumer dollars and made more sense for me to turn my energies toward a line of tops for the young contemporary/junior market. There it would be less difficult to get my big fashion break. But it never took off the way my business partners and I had hoped. I have not yet found anyone willing to invest in my line of deliciously vibrant, rainbow-hued tops or my brilliant business model to sell them online to digitally astute young women between the ages of 15 & 22. After all, this is where they socialize (twitter anyone?) and share (facebook) and learn (wikipedia). I've gotten far more interest with the dresses than I did with the tops. Experts be damned!
I also started writing this online diary, at the urging of Ashanti & Serosh, my two fashion partners in crime. They felt like people would want to hear more from the man behind the seams. "What you have to say is important," is what they tried to convince me of. I always feel like such a small fish in a big pond in the fashion game and that's probably never going to change. But this blog has given me a voice to share the good times and some of the bad. I've been able to release some of the bad just by sharing it with you. And you've read that so many factors come into play with this industry defined by glamour, smoke & mirrors, and ego. By now you've learned that I am an eternal optimist and feel like my proverbial ship will definitely come in. My entire being feels so connected to this journey and I know the universe will provide the answers to all of my questions. I just have to keep doing what I do so that I can get to where I am supposed to be.

With each collection under my belt, I become more and more confident in my creativity. As I look back and see my growth as a designer, I wonder to myself how I got to this place. I've evolved beyond my own expectations and I know I've got more growing and more learning to do. It is my wish for 2010 that all of you accompany me on this odyssey, every small step of the way, and celebrate my evolution and my maturity. Hey, you may even learn something new about yourself in the process. So Happy New Year and Welcome to 2010! It's going to be great!

Peace & Fashion!

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