Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Patient

I'd wanted to do a presentation during fashion week next month. Not a runway show because that would be way too much to tackle. But some kind of an installation at an art space. I wanted to invite the fashion press and some select celebrities and anyone who reads this that's interested in the circus called New York Fashion Week. It would have been akin to a debutante ball formally presenting me to the fashion scene and igniting interest. "Who is Wilbur?" would no longer be a question on the lips of those in the know. Retailers are really impressed by that sort of thing anyway. "Did you do anything during fashion week?" and "What press has the line received?" are questions that store buyers often ask before they check out your stuff. My clothes could look like shit, but if Jennifer Aniston is wearing them, then it's HOT shit. Yet even for a small presentation, there are a lot of puzzle pieces that must fit together properly for it to really work. First, I need the clothes. And they are coming along nicely, but I am still trying to figure out how I am going to pay for all 8 or 9 looks. I thank all of you who made donations totaling $345, but today George, my tailor, handed me a bill for $1270. GASP! So there is definitely a shortage. What is Lotto up to today? After that, I needed a FREE space. I spoke to my friend, whom I will refer to as The Russian who recently unveiled the fruits of his labor - a beautifully renovated grand loft space in NoHo. Renowned in Russian art circles, his gallery would have been perfect. Unfortunately, he turned me down cold because I could not guarantee him that the people attending my affair would be potential art patrons. And I guess he needs to make a living as much as the rest of us do. My Plan B space may not be available either, so that news really put a damper on things. I would also need a fashion public relations company to handle all of the inviting and making sure the Who's Who Glitterati made appearances making me look like a really important, not-as-young-as-I-used-to-be, emerging designer. I did reach out to several over the holidays and only 2 responded back to me. One woman said she was going away on vacation and she would review my online materials once she returned from holiday. The other company, during a conference call, conducted a fierce interrogation asking a lot of who, what, when, where, why, and how questions making me feel like my reasons for wanting to do something during fashion week were criminal. After the interrogation which spanned numerous emails and 3 phone calls, Nancy & Felix delivered the final blow. They advised me to wait until my company was on more solid ground. Perhaps if I start working with them now to build buzz, I may be ready by September. But my collection needs to have 20 to 30 looks in it. I couldn't tell them that I had a hard enough time getting 9 looks made. At an average of $500 a pop, it is a luxury for me to pursue my dreams. But you know, just when all hope is gone a silver lining seems to come into focus. I guess that's why I decided with this collection each of my dresses would be lined in a slinky, silver silk blend fabric. It seems that a store in Atlanta may be interested in carrying a couple of styles from the spring line on consignment. All thanks to my friend Deirdre who did some investigating down there. So while my ambitious plans for fashion week have been put on the back burner AGAIN, I proceed with cautious optimism as I continue to take small steps toward my goals. At some point, hopefully soon, someone is going to recognize my talent and propel me to the next level. But I've got to remain faithful to my vision and dedicated to my odyssey.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. Divo, your perserverance inspires me. You will be recognized for the rock star you are. Keep truckin'and Happy New Year!