Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Going On?

Although this blog documents my journey in fashion, I simply cannot ignore the catastrophic earthquake that has recently brought the country of Haiti to its knees. My heart hurts for the thousands who have perished and the loved ones left behind. But it is at times like these that I really count my blessings for all that I have. I have struggled throughout my career, but I am rich in friends, family, and shelter. And beyond that, I have the capacity to dream and pursue my dreams. Please make a contribution to the relief efforts because the people of Haiti are severely lacking. We have got to help our fellow man. And I just believe that every little bit helps.

It seems weird to segue into fashion. But I need to honor the odyssey and, now more than ever, embrace my passion for fashion to its fullest. This week has been turbo charged with activity as I continue speeding towards the date of the shoot. The new collection will be photographed on February 13 - come hell or high water - so preparations are underway. My milliner, Otis D. Holley (I call him OH for short), is hard at work on the chapeaus the models will be donning. He's finished a couple of styles and I wanted to see how well the hats complimented one of the dresses. So at the fitting on Tuesday, I snapped a photo of my fit model, Ila, working it. I thought she looked HOT! She was the epitome of Fine & Dandy mixed with a little Smooth Criminal.

On this Saturday past, I met one of my sister's old friends from her junior high school days who happens to be a true artisan. We were celebrating Ashanti's 30th birthday at BLT Burger when I noticed Minkie (that's her name) carrying the most chic clutch handbag. When she admitted that she was the designer responsible for it, the wheels in my head immediately started turning. She didn't know this, but I had designed a bag to accompany the looks for this collection and had priced it out at a couple of manufacturers here in New York. It was just too exorbitant and it seemed like I might not have the good fortune to use one of my original designs. But I am positive that Minkie coming into my life at this time is kismet. I am bursting with anticipation to see the final product.
Yesterday, I placed a followup call to Gabourey's stylist, Linda M., who is out on the west coast. I was a little nervous - partly because I would really LOVE to dress Gabourey. And also because in the past when I've tried to make celebrity connections, I have often been met with the sound of crickets (SILENCE). So imagine my surprise when within a half hour Linda returned my call. Apparently, she never got our previous emails and calls so she asked me to send another email with images. Again, Ashanti crafted a great pdf presentation. Linda & I spoke again today and she seems to really want to work with me. The possibilities of a collaboration of this nature are endlessly positive. But I am trying to keep my cool. But wouldn't it be great to see Gabourey walking down the red carpet in one of my custom designed dresses?! Boy, am I happy that after almost 12 years in the trenches, I can still dream.
Peace & Fashion!


  1. Dahling, regarding Haiti, people can go to my blog (click the picture) to find ways to donate to Haitian relief, no matter what the budget.

    And I am so looking forward to the magnificent dress you are creating for me to wear to New York Fashion Week! Ciao!

  2. At a lost for words for the recognition. Thanks Wilbur!