Friday, January 29, 2010

All That I Can Say

Although times have been a bit challenging lately, I am still pushing it forward. On Wednesday afternoon, I visited the Museum at F.I.T. where I perused the American Beauty exhibit. I was moved by the awe-inspiring majesty of great designers like Charles James who "built" gowns that could literally stand on their own to Ralph Rucci whose aesthetic and technical skills are so developed that I consider him a design genius. What these craftsmen and women have achieved with fabric is just beyond my realm of understanding. And their contributions to the fashion industry motivate me to do better. I've been sketching the collection for Spring 2011 which is influenced by the trench coat. I feel like I have a winner on my hands. I'm just saying!
I previously stated that the collection would be photographed on February 13 come hell or high water, but life has a way of making me eat my words when I become too assured. The good news is that my team and I have finalized the day for the shoot and it will take place on Saturday, March 6. I am glad that is out the way. And next week we will begin looking for the two models who will bring the dresses to life and strike a pose before the camera. I'm expecting nothing but great things in the coming weeks because I think I've filled my quota for fashion drama for the month of January. And that is all I can say for now.

Peace & Fashion!

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