Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Storm Before The Calm

Yesterday here in New York we were faced with a raging wind and rain storm. Trees toppled and residents in some parts of the city were even left powerless. A quick glance would suggest that, at this moment, my odyssey is like yesterday's rainstorm - raging out of control. But I know that this is only the storm before the calm.
This Friday past, I had to terminate the photographer I was slated to work with on the shoot for my fall line Fine & Dandy. We never really got along from the time we met a few years ago. But I thought that since some time had passed, perhaps we both would be able to forge a new, more amiable path. I was sadly mistaken. Devaughn and I are still like oil & water. But it was his unprofessional attitude when he announced that he had to work on the day of the shoot and instructed me to reschedule the date that really rankled me. I was incensed. When I explained that I had already secured the space and retained a portion of the glam squad for that day (not to mention that he was being paid for his services as well), he informed me that I was asking him to choose between his job and this job. Explosive text messages were volleyed back and forth culminating in a quick swipe of the delete button erasing him from my life for good. Although I have been lucky enough to call on my longtime photographer, Eric Hason, we are in the throes of finalizing the date since he too is unavailable for February 13. Increasing my anxiety, yesterday I got word from Minkie, my handbag artisan, that her circumstances have also changed and she may not be able to have the bags completed by deadline. When it rains it pours. And I am still counting every penny so that I can pay George, my tailor, for the remainder of my pieces. But I know that these are only temporary situations. I am sure that whenever the photo shoot happens, it will go off without a hitch and the pictures will be gorgeous. The handbags will be fabulous! And somehow I will find a way to pay George. I've got to trust the path that I have chosen. It can be unnerving, but in every life a little rain must fall.
Peace & Fashion!

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