Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Christmas

Some people leave milk and cookies for Santa. Others leave M & M candies. Michelle Obama said she was going to leave Santa some apple slices with her milk & cookies. I am not sure what I will be leaving Old St. Nick, but it will be something thoughtful. Maybe he'd like a trimmer for his beard because he is starting to look a little, um, unkempt. Or maybe I'll leave him a membership to a local North Pole gym because it's been said many times many ways, "Thin is in." I know I need to be hitting the treadmill myself before people start mistaking me for Santa Claus. And that's just not cute! But this is the season to show your appreciation for people who mean a lot to you whether through a kind word, gesture, or gift. So if that means doing a fashion intervention and telling your good friend to retire that colorful '80s Cosby sweater, then go for it.

Two nights ago, George and I had a fitting with Ila for the next 2 looks. FABULOUS! I cannot wait to see the finished dresses. This year's Christmas gift from my mother is a sample from the line courtesy of her checkbook. Can you say, "Fa, La, La, La, La!" I will be picking it up early next week so that it can be tucked neatly under my tree. And I've been talking to acquaintances and friends to see if it will be possible to stage a presentation during New York Fashion Week. It is kind of a long shot, but I remain cautiously optimistic. In fact, if all goes according to plan, I will be inviting you, my readers and supporters, to come take a look. As soon as I have a date, I will let you know. I haven't participated in fashion week for several years now, so I am bursting with excitement.

Every day is filled with the promise of possibilities. And it feels great to be able to live out those promises. I think one of the finest things about Christmas is that this time allows you to assess all the wonderful things in your life. That is, if you're not too jaded to recognize them. Listen, I gotta go now and put the finishing touches on my Christmas decor. But don't forget your milk & cookies. After traveling all over the globe, Santa needs a hook-up, too!

By the way, check out the latest from my diva friend The Mad Fashionista. She interviewed me and asked some very probing questions I was not expecting. I think you'll find it fascinating and fun reading. Perhaps you may even learn some tidbit I had not yet disclosed.

Peace & Fashion!

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