Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Tis the Season

I have had my butt in the streets after work every night this week.  Maybe I am making up for my grueling, vacation-less summer.  But I am just going to blame it on the holidays and enjoy it while I can.

Playwright & Poet VINCENT TORO
On this Monday past,  I was invited by my longtime friend, Grisel, to a reading of her husband's play at Repertorio Espanol.  21, by Vincent Toro, is a slice of modern American life from the Puerto Rican perspective.  It tells the story of Blackjack, a very earnest recent college graduate who feels alienated by his colorful family so he makes plans to  accept a journalism job in Turkey.  This four character play is well crafted and well developed sprinkled with plenty of laughs and some poignant moments as well.  Vincent, whose play is one of seven chosen for the Metlife Nuestras Voces Playwriting competition, writes in a clear voice.  While 21 has a definitive Hispanic point of view, its themes of family, career, and forgiveness speak to all of us no matter our ethnicity.  Be on the lookout for Vincent's rising star.

Marc Morial
head of the Nat'l Urban League
Michelle Miller
CBS News Correspondent
Jacque Reid
Last night, I was invited by my very dear friend, Sheila Rule, to join her for a reception hosted by her friends Michelle Miller, the CBS News correspondent, and her husband Marc Morial, president of The National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans.  Held at new haute spot, Gravy, it soon became packed with a long list of New York City's Black Glitterati.  The liquor flowed and scrumptious treats were passed around all night long.  When I came face-to-face with Jacque Reid at the bar, I pointed and yelled, "Are you Jacque?!"  I mostly remember her as the lead anchor on BET Nightly News, but she has been suggested as someone I should friend on Facebook as well.  Since I did not know her personally, I never did.  This was my chance to make an impression.  And I guess I did because we laughed raucously over my approach.  I guess now we really can start up a virtual friendship.

After two late nights in the city, I am happy to be home early watching a little mindless television.  But I've got more celebrating to do before 2012 comes roaring in.  'Tis the season.

Peace & Fashion!

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