Monday, December 5, 2011

The 4-1-1 On Lysistrata Jones

This Friday past I had the pleasure of seeing the new Broadway musical Lysistrata Jones.  Based on the Aristophanes-penned comedy "Lysistrata" first performed in 411 B.C., it is a modern and very contemporary retelling of how a group of young women, led by Lysistrata, decide to withhold sexual favors from their men in an effort to end the Peloponnesian war.  But in this version, there are cheerleaders, a losing basketball team, and a very funny joke about Herman Cain - the beleauguered GOP presidential hopeful.  Of course, in musical comedy land, nothing ever goes according to plan.  And that is where the fun and the fabulosity begin.

LaQuet Sharnell is SANGIN'!
Comprised mostly of Broadway newbies, the talented cast brings their A-game as they sing and dance with such fervor and freshness the audience has no chance but to root for happy endings for all the show's characters.  I was especially blown away by LaQuet Sharnell who plays Myrrhine and sings the showstopping "Don't Judge A Book" in the second act.  Also of note is the handsome Josh Segarra who brings the heat as Mick.  Initially, he is just the typical dumb jock, but the audience learns that there is a lot more there.  And when he sings the heartbreakingly sweet "When She Smiles" with such affection, you can feel the audience swoon.  And then there is the infectious energy of Jason Tam who portrays Xander.  He is such a cutie & serious eye candy.

Jason Tam - the talented HOTTIE

The show is cleverly written  by Douglas Carter Beane who is also responsible for one of my most favorite Broadway shows "The Little Dog Laughed".  He is accompanied by his real life partner Lewis Flinn who did the music and lyrics.  Together they have delivered a show that makes you laugh.  And you're still singing hours after leaving the theatre.

If you're like me and need a worthwhile diversion from work and the holiday season crush, you should race to get tickets.  It was a packed house the night I went.  I'm just saying. . .

Now it's time for me to get back to fashion.  But I can still see Jason Tam dancing in my head. . .

Peace & Fashion!

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