Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Date With Style

For me, the cogs of the fashion wheel are always turning. It's not long after I present one collection that I am working on the next. For budgeting reasons, it just makes more financial sense for my partners and I to do it that way. My collection for Fall 2012 called EYE CANDY has already been conceptualized and sketched. I will begin the intense process of having the samples produced in the next week or so. We've already set the date to photograph the collection - March 31. And I have already begun casting. In order to really refine our image and have a definitive point of view, we've decided to bring accessible luxury to the curvy woman via our website www.skwilbur.com. Coming September 2012, our website will have a brand new look and feel. I'm SO thrilled with the changes that Ashanti, Serosh and I have decided on and I am sure my curvy coterie of lovelies will be, too. So please be patient with us and stay tuned.

On this Saturday past, I met with the dynamic and effervescent Sarah Conley, founder and writer of the blog StyleIT. It has always been important to me to feature a couple of full-figured women in our photo campaigns who are NOT models, but just fabulous & stylish in their own right. Sarah just seems like the perfect choice. (The other non-model is my eternally stylish mother - now a seasoned veteran in the SK WiLBUR cavalcade of photographed beauties.)

Over brunch at Le Pain Quotidian near Union Square, we discussed design, inspiration, and concepts. She was pleased with the care and detail I put into her design and we're both psyched to start the fitting process in the coming weeks.

After brunch, we decided to do a little window shopping. Fish's Eddy was a tight maze of breakable dishes that left me feeling confined and claustrophobic. I couldn't wait to get out of there! At Gap Kids, they were all out of the sparkly gold bubble skirt I'd like to buy for my niece. Shucks! We were nearly mobbed by the eager salespeople at Sephora who instantly recognized Sarah from her blog. With that kind of reception, I half expected the paparazzi to jump from behind the nail polish display with cameras at the ready.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Ted Gibson Salon where Sassy Sarah had an appointment with her "hair strategist", Eric, and Greg, her colorist. Everyone was lovely and it brought back memories of my long gone days as a hairstylist. After awhile, though, I was ready to head home to peacefulness and Christmas movies on Lifetime, so I gave Sarah B. a kiss and hit the streets making my way to Penn Station to catch my train.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of her dress. Less than a year from now, you'll be able to buy your very own version, too. So keep up. The wheels of fashion are constantly spinning.

Peace & Fashion!

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