Thursday, March 17, 2011

What About Me?

My 30th B'day Costume Party - 1997
This blog provides me with a platform to share my triumphs and disappointments where my fashion odyssey is concerned.  I've also weighed in on elements of pop culture that have excited me or caused me to take a second look in disbelief.  Since I first introduced myself to you via this format, I have remained dedicated to actualizing my dreams for fashion success.  It is unfortunate, however, that I became so involved in my mission that I neglected some rituals that are important for my personal well-being.  And one of those habits was my almost daily workouts at the gym.  They began to taper off without much thought.  One day less wouldn't make much difference, I reasoned.  And then it became two days less each week. My work load which included writing the blog, networking, constructing accessories, running around Manhattan for fittings and meetings, and conference calls, in addition to my necessary employment at the plantation, wore me out.  But I felt I was doing what was needed to ensure my future success.  I was disillusioned after the completion of each collection when the results did not match the effort or energy I expended.  Before I knew it, my gym time had dwindled to none.

Celebrating at a birthday party - 2011

I've always loved eating cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, etc.  As I began indulging my rapacious sweet tooth with total abandon, I started to pack on the pounds.  They attached to my frame gradually.  A pound here.  A couple there.  I could excuse my widening waistline with a wave of my hand.  But now, after looking at recent photos, I feel like it's a critical time and I need to take action.  Last time I saw my doctor, he even advised me to lose weight.  That had never happened before.

This week I started my early morning workouts again.  My 4 a.m. wake-up call is tough, but the hours after I leave the plantation are filled with commitments for my odyssey.  I wish there was somebody who could do the workouts while I reap the benefits, but that is about as likely to happen (and possible) as John Galliano being reinstated as the creative director at Christian Dior.  In actuality, I have a sense of accomplishment after I step off the treadmill and elliptical machines each morning knowing that I am getting into better physical shape.  Finding a balance between my odyssey and my personal life is the key to my happiness and improved health.  I love fashion too much to let it kill me.

Peace & Fashion!

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