Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Star Wattage

My friend HOWARD
I've known Howard for a minute.  He's tried to convince me that he came into my sphere back when I was a kid going to dance school.  But I don't really remember that.  He used to hang tight with my cousin Lamesha back in the day.  He's also vacationed with my mother and aunt when they flew to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival.  So he's pretty much an integral part of the family dynamic.  This weekend he sent me a message on facebook informing me that a legendary actress/singer/entertainer was looking for a New York based fashion designer who would provide her with an original look for her "comeback" engagement at a renowned NYC area hotel.  "Wow," I thought, "it sure would be cool to work with her."  I remember, as a kid, falling in love with her after I watched her movie portrayal of a tragic member of a soul singing girl group consisting of three sisters.  It is believed to have provided inspiration for the Broadway musical Dreamgirls.  On that screen, she was beautiful and glamorous and sexy and my eyes were immediately drawn to her.  I watched her career progress as she starred in movies, television miniseries, and had lead roles on Broadway.  So I immediately banged out a message introducing myself and pressed send.  I was surprised when I heard back from her almost immediately.  After a couple of back and forth emails, we chatted on the telephone.  And her down-to-earth disposition was so refreshing.  In a matter of three days, I have designed something that blurs the line between masculine and feminine, she's approved it, and I've already met with my friend Brandon who will be overseeing the construction.  As we move full steam ahead, I will keep you posted on more of the intimate details.  And stay tuned for the big reveal when I disclose her name and her outfit as the opening of her cabaret show draws nearer.

Peace & Fashion

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