Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Dealio

Sheila Rule
I am in the midst of writing my memoir.  My friends Sheila Rule and Marcia Fingal, whom I hold in incredibly high esteem, have given me such invaluable input and I've called on them on several occasions for their expertise.  After over twenty years, Sheila retired from her career as a journalist for The New York Times newspaper to begin the second chapter of her life as the owner of Resilience Multimedia, a publishing company that gives voice to the plight of  the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated.  Marcia, a  graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in journalism, is righting the wrongs of social injustice through her work as a documentary filmmaker as she continues her career as a commercial model.

Marcia Fingal & Wilbur
Although some of their comments have been tough with very little consideration paid to my delicate artist's ego, I know that they are dispensed with the purest of intentions.  My ladies want to see me write the best book  I possibly can.  And I am grateful for that.  They have challenged me to go deep and dig through some of the unpleasant memories of my past.  But I've also been able to relive so many of  the moments when I've experienced joy or felt a sense of accomplishment.

Someone asked me why did I think my memoir will be a book that people will want to read.  And while I don't think that my life is extraordinary, I believe that I have a fine way of telling a story.  Besides, my experiences speak to the experiences of many who have dreamed a different, more fulfilled life for themselves, who have mustered the courage to pursue those dreams, and who have weathered the storms - those obstacles that, in the end, strengthen our resolve so that we become better, more resilient individuals.  I would like to have the book completed by summer's end so that I can begin to see if there is interest at some of the established publishing houses.  Even if I have to self-publish, it is a story I look forward to sharing with all of you.

Peace & Fashion!

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