Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Issue With September

On Sunday, after church service and immediately following a quick stop at Pathmark, I decided to take a trip to the multiplex and check out The September Issue, the new "Anna Wintour" documentary. Actually, the film is not so much about the famed editor-in-chief as it is an examination of the detailed steps necessary to assemble the largest issue of Vogue magazine. Filled with an eclectic cast of eccentric characters, we witness the drama unfold as the overwhelmingly talented Grace Coddington, a visionary and the magazine's creative director, locks horns with Ms. Wintour over content. We are also invited to watch the imposing, yet affable Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's editor-at-large, deliver over-the-top and amusing sound bites wearing equally over-the-top and amusing ensembles. And then there is the scrutiny and dissection of Sienna Miller, the actress and the issue's cover girl. Her hair is a mess and her teeth need to be photoshopped. In fashion periodicals, everyone is perfect because flaws are erased. If only I could, with the swipe of a key stroke, get rid of some of my physical shortcomings before leaving the house each morning. But back to reality. Perhaps what I found most fascinating about the film is that the power that Ms. Wintour wields in the fashion industry is very real. Retail titans and accomplished designers around the globe seek the approval of the fashion star who is notorious for her icy disposition. And she is often asked by super brands, like Gap, to recommend designers for their company's top creative positions. I found that aspect of the movie a little depressing and daunting as I have no relationship with Anna Wintour. In fact, I am not even on her radar. How am I supposed to advance in an industry so crowded with fashion starlets in the making? Either I will or I won't, but, in all reality, the odds are stacked against me. Only time will tell.
As a movie, I found The September Issue to be a little plodding. It was not compelling enough to recommend to anyone not in the fashion industry. For a breezier and more interesting story, check out Valentino: The Last Emperor.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. You will recall the section about the much-debated 1920s style photographs. For Fashion Week, I am wearing hats from the milliner for that photo shoot, Ellen Christine Millinery!

    Believe it or not, Ms. Wintour is not at many of the fashion shows. I imagine she pre-vetted them and is watching them online.