Friday, September 11, 2009

EXPERIENCE: Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out was a huge success judging from the throngs of fashionistas who poured out onto the New York City streets by the hundreds with yours truly among them. I started my party off at 5:15 p.m. when I arrived at Macy's Herald Square to purchase Michael Kors' intoxicating new women's fragrance, Very Hollywood. With my purchase, I received a special edition tote bag and the chance to have my photo taken with the fashion designer and Project Runway judge. And it was the perfect gift for my mother. I'd already invited my diva friend, Josette, to join me for the night's festivities and she met me while I was waiting for the man of the hour to arrive.
And, oh, what an arrival it was. Madness ensued as the CEO of Macy's, Terry Lundgren, introduced Michael Kors and his very special guest, Debra Messing. For those of you who don't recognize the name, it's Grace from Will & Grace fame. Flashbulbs popped and the mostly fragrance counter crowd squeezed in a little closer to catch a glimpse of the fashionable twosome. And as I assumed my perch between MK and DM, the crowd of onlookers went wild. Well, at least in my dreams they did. Debra was so lovely and personable and Michael was everything I thought he would be.
As soon as I collected my photo, Josette and I headed up to Bergdorf Goodman. Unfortunately, we were met outside by a mob of fashion savvy revelers about 12 deep who were also trying to get into the posh fashion emporium. Perhaps they had heard about the celebrity bartenders, Ashley & Mary-Kate? But my diva friend and I were not about to wait on another line, so we just eased on down Fifth Avenue until we got to the Salvatore Ferragamo store where the grooving music and the lively crowd beckoned to us. When the clipboard lady asked us if we had RSVP'd, I was caught off guard. Wasn't this supposed to be an open celebration for all?
I wanted to tell her to just move outta my way! But once I told her we would be shopping, she did anyway. I headed straight to the bar and ordered a glass of Veuve Cliquot champagne for my guest and me. As we sat among the shoe offerings for the well shod with lots of money to spend, we bounced to the sounds of vintage Jackson 5 songs. Oh, how I miss Michael! Not one to let grass grow under my feet it was off to our next location - Saks Fifth Avenue. I'd read that Mr. Sexy Back himself, Justin Timberlake, would be making an appearance.
But before we got very far, we stopped in Versace where I posed with model-of-the-moment Chanel Iman. Such a sweetie, she asked if she could first be photographed with her boyfriend before she and I were framed together. Never the jealous type, of course I agreed. And besides she's not even drinking age, yet! After inching a few yards in the elbow-rubbing crowd, I spotted a live mannequin posed on a perch just beneath one of the store's crystal chandeliers. She looked so unreal that it was hard to believe that she wasn't an escapee from Madame Tussaud's in Times Square.
After playing shutterbug, Josette and I hit the streets once more until we finally found ourselves in front of Saks' massive doorway. By this time, however, we had missed the Justin Timberlake madness. But the music was still throbbing as we held court with my favorite fragrance specialist, Jayson at the Thierry Mugler counter. After exchanging pleasantries (and collecting a little swag), we headed up to the 8th Floor, the ladies shoe salon. And between the Christian Louboutins and the Roger Vivier pumps, I came face-to-face with Pamela M. You may remember her from my Essence Magazine story. Ever the fake, she smiled broadly and asked how I was doing as she bussed me on the cheek. Even Josette remarked about her mock friendly tone. After perusing the fierce shoes, it was time to end the evening. After all, it was back to reality (and the plantation) the next morning. But as I parted ways with my diva friend and got a ride with my designated driver, M.T.A., I gazed at the photos on my camera screen and thought about all the fun I had for Fashion's Night Out.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Divo - I had a blast...we definitely have to hang again SOON!

  2. So sorry I missed the festivities! What fun!! I think its wonderful that you were able to be among the fabulous just like you. They don't deserve your presence... if only they knew it! Lovin' it!!

  3. Dahling, you look absolutely at home next to the celebrities! You are meant to be among them. (I cannot remember what I was doing that night, which perhaps is a blessing.)