Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That's What's Up!

On Monday I visited an associate of mine, Sandy C. She is a personal shopper in the At Your Service department at the Bloomingdale's 59th street store. Personal shoppers have become increasingly more influential because of their one-on-one association with the client. Consequently, they are able to advise buyers on which pieces the consumer is craving for the coming season. Several weeks ago when I was having buttons and snaps added to a couple of pieces, I had a serendipitous encounter with Sandy C. who thought the dresses looked quite saleable. She'd even said that she wanted to see the final outcome. I was encouraged by her interest in my inaugural collection. So I made a mental note to contact her once the look book photos had been enhanced. (Besides being an awesome photographer, my sister-in-law is a whiz with photoshop.) On Monday, at Sandy's request, I carried 4 of the strongest looks in the stretch white cotton fabrication into Manhattan where I presented them in her elegantly appointed jewel box sized office on the fourth floor. I held my breath as she rattled off words like inventive, fresh, and well executed to describe my creations which were hanging before her on the polished silver rack. She assured me that she would sing my praises when passing my info along to the department buyer, who happens to be a newbie to the designer floor like me. She also strongly recommended that I quickly find a showroom who will get the dresses on store racks for next spring. I am diligently working on it, Sandy. But as a retail veteran, it was her reverence that made me believe that this time out the gate I may just be a winner. Now that's what's up!

Peace & Fashion!

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