Friday, July 24, 2009

The Juggling Act

Last night I had a meeting with the pastor of my church. No, I was not having a spiritual crisis. Several months ago, I had been asked by one of the members, who is affectionately referred to as Mama Brown, to assist her with a fashion show for the church. In the black community, church fashion shows are a common way to raise money for the ministry. And they are usually, how can I put this delicately, very CHEESY. In fact, when I became a member of Mount Moriah almost 3 years ago, I declared to my mother that under no uncertain terms would I ever be involved with a fashion show at the church. What if it had been discovered by the fashion elite that I was entangled in a church fashion show? This kind of felony would appear on my record for the rest of my life! Yet, last night there I was face-to-face with my pastor, Mama Brown, and one of the other members of the clergy to nail down details for our November 21 fashion extravaganza. I just find it funny how the universe will set you on a path that you've already decided is not right for you. And you've just got to surrender and learn the lesson that comes with it. But now I am wondering how I am going to find the energy and time and emotional fortitude to take on another project.

Ashanti, Serosh, and I (The 3 Musketeers of Fashion) have been brainstorming on how we are going to move into the next phase of our plan with hiring an independent sales rep and finding a space to have appointments with buyers. Ashanti suggested our old reliable, craigslist, as a possible resource for locating a sales rep. Since nothing beats a failure but a try, we went for it. And I still find it amazing how some people will apply for a job without dotting their Is or crossing their Ts. Our posting reads:

Looking for independent fashion sales representative to sell a line of cocktail dresses. This position is commission only. Must have strong relationships with specialty stores. If you're interested, please contact Wilbur at 917.520.4615

This was one of the responses that was emailed to us:

Have 25 years in evenwear dresses, us too own( after dark). if you are looking for a pro please feel free to cll me.Will not work commission Only.

That's just all wrong! So we keep pressing forward. Serosh has reached out to some of his associates who have been in sales and I've tried reaching out to mine. And we even got a bite from someone who sounds interesting. But we have not met with any candidates just yet. But time marches on and we need to have someone in place for market week next month when all the buyers descend on New York to look at what's new and has value for their stores. So as I field responses to our posting and begin work on my first stab at the world of church fashion shows and strive to remain positive about the possibilities of this inaugural collection, I realize that in this juggling act I've got to keep all my plates in the air. I cannot let one drop and shatter to pieces.

Peace & Fashion!

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