Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A BlackFashionDude News Brief

One of my favorite lines from the movie Up Close & Personal, a love story between 2 network news journalists, is "If it bleeds it leads." Robert Redford's character is referring to the practice on the local news level of opening the program with the most horrific and gruesome, oftentimes fatal stories that cause us to shake our heads or gasp. Thankfully, I do not have those kind of details to share with you, so I am just going to report my story chronologically.

Late Monday afternoon, I received a call from Dorothea, the church's administrative assistant. She and I have forged quite a bond since I accepted the invitation to produce the church's fashion extravaganza. "I've got bad news," she conveyed in a hushed tone that instantly distressed me. "Okay, what's wrong," I responded almost not wanting to know. Apparently, the church fashion show has been postponed until 2010 due to calendar conflicts. This news is a blessing in disguise. I wondered how I was going to stage the most awe-inspiring fashion show Mount Moriah had ever witnessed and simultaneously launch the Wilbur collection over the next few months without compromising the integrity of either endeavor. And now I won't have to. But stay tuned, I am hoping to resuscitate the church's event possibly for Black History Month in February.

Last night, my business partners and I met with James C. He responded to our item for a sales rep that we posted on craigslist. After speaking with him last week over the phone, I immediately got a sense that James is straightforward and polished. He knows how to engage you - which was obvious when I realized that we clocked almost 45 minutes for our first phone chat. Initially I had reservations about his ability to get the line into stores as he is fairly new to the New York fashion scene. As a Brit, however, James sparkles with determination and an elegance that will bring a new level of panache to the line. As the three of us asked questions and listened intently, we learned that James, caught up in a whirlwind romance, followed his sweetheart, who happens to be American, to the States. The newlyweds tied the knot only four months ago. A romantic at heart, I found the story very Lifetime Television. We think he is especially charming and will be able to get my frocks into stores. We just have to iron out the details of the contract and then we can hit the ground running.

Tonight, I met with a furniture store that is hosting a cross-marketing event that will include visual artists as well as fashion designers. On Friday, September 25 invited guests will have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails, fine art, and a runway presentation featuring the work of some talented emerging designers. The organizers are still nailing down how many and whom, but if I am a part of it, I will definitely keep you posted.

That's it for now. This is BlackFashionDude signing off.

Peace & Fashion!

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