Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Different Kind of Designer

I am okay with flying under the fashion radar. I am not a scenester. I just want women to buy my clothes, look pretty, and talk about how fabulous my dresses make them feel. Every once in a while I like to attend a swanky party, but mostly I kinda like hanging with my friends and family. In a fashion crowd, I surprisingly do not blend in. The sound of crickets chirping resonates in my head once the hush of quiet has settled over a conversation with a fellow fashion professional. Beyond hemlines and silhouettes there is little else to chatter about and I have not mastered the art of small talk. Perhaps unusually, my social circle has never really included fashionistas who share a similar career path. My new friend and colleague, Alaina Z., who created 2 of the patterns and sewed the corresponding looks for my spring collection tells me that I am a different kind of designer. Stripped of all melodramatic fierceness often associated with fashion elite and wannabes alike, she says I come off as just a regular guy. I took that as a compliment because having perspective is a good quality to possess.

This week I've been contacting showrooms around New York with the hopes of securing one that will get the line onto store racks. And this step is extremely crucial. Because let's face it, the possibility of my dresses being bought is drastically reduced if they're not sold anywhere. So I put on my best warm and pleasant radio voice as I inquired over the phone. Unfortunately, I have often been met with cold and distant proprietors indicative of the industry that has yet to embrace me. Economic crisis or not, when talking to most fashion people I usually come up feeling hollow. And I've been found out by friends like Stephen E. that I am a little sensitive. Surprise! So as I make each call, it becomes more and more excruciating. But I have accepted that this step is just a necessary evil to get to my ultimate goal.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Dahling, I know how you feel. The fashion world can be a cruel, uncaring one. You need to develop a thick skin to stay in this business.

  2. Shine on Wilbur. Love the site!

  3. Sending you big love from the fashion capital of the world mojo coming your way!

    and I think you are a fabulous at small talk. it's just that your small talk moves to BIG TALK toute de suite and that is what makes you WILBUR!