Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Name Is Victory

On Monday I got a call from Abe who has his own showroom on 35th street in the garment district. I had spoken with him briefly on Thursday. He told me he would call once he got a chance to review our online look book. During our phone conversation yesterday afternoon, he told me my dresses were lovely. But he also ran down a laundry list of issues he had with the collection which included everything from its fabrication (cotton) to the small number of looks in the line (7). But in the end, his biggest problem was with its price point. He thought that they were worth the asking price with all the handwork and finishes, but he felt that stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus would definitely have some resistance to the prices. He suggested that my associates and I try to sell the line to the stores ourselves because after a showroom gets its fee and commission, we will have very little cash-on-hand to show for all our efforts. He recommended that we contact the buying offices at a couple of local posh department stores and the buyers at high end specialty stores and schedule appointments for them to see the line. It makes perfect sense! But since we gave up our Manhattan showroom space on 8th avenue a few years ago, we really have nowhere to meet with these buyers. And I am sorry, but Starbucks is out of the question! And since none of us involved in this business venture have connections with buyers, it may prove a little difficult to get them to respond to our requests for a meeting. But I believe in making a way out of no way. Defeat has got to be staring me in the face and kicking me in my butt before I will give up. So what if we hire a seasoned sales professional who has the contacts? Maybe they'll give us a whirl on a commission-only basis? I mean, it's worth a try. Isn't it? And maybe, if we put our heads together, we can come up with a couple of people we know who are city dwellers with lovely living quarters who would not mind letting us use their homes to conduct these meetings. After all, a wonderfully talented new designer named Prabal Gurung did it and he has opened a few accounts with some reputable stores. Why can't I? I am a fashion industry survivor hell bent on making a success out of Sorta Kinda Enterprises. And if it means climbing through the window to accomplishment instead of walking through the door, then I better find a ladder. After all, my name is Victory.
Peace & Fashion!

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  1. Prayers to you, Wilbur. What a task you've undertaken! I admire your fortitude.