Monday, May 4, 2009


Last week the Vogue magazine team descended on my part time job for a fashion photo shoot. And I had front row seating to view it all. Exciting! I have arranged and produced my own shoots for my designs, but my budget is nothing compared to Vogue's. Present was Richard, the shoot's producer. I met him before anyone else from the Vogue team. And he kept us employees apprised of how everything would unfold. Then I met the prop stylist, Rick, who made sure that all the furniture and, well, props were satisfactory for the photos. Rick worked with the very adorable Taylor, who closely resembled the actor Jason Lewis. Both Rick and Taylor were really quite lovely. And they entered loaded up with bouquets and bouquets of beautiful, fresh cut blossoms in a melange of vibrant colors - for the shoot. Next, I met the fashion editor for the shoot, Elissa Santisi, as she led renowned photographer, Terry Richardson and his posse of assistants around the office to discuss angles, locations, and props before flashbulbs began to pop. All of you, I am sure, have seen the work of Mr. Richardson as he has turned his lens on so many brands including Belvedere vodka, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Tom Ford eyewear. So when he introduced himself to me, naturally I quickly replied that I already knew who he was. My familiarity seemed to catch him by surprise. To top off the day, Lily Donaldson, one of the fiercest mannequins of today, made her dramatic entrance surrounded by hair, makeup, the accessories editor, and the guard there to make sure that no one try to slip away with any of the expensive baubles selected for the shoot. Lily was tall and thin and breathtaking and my eyes followed her as she glided to the the designated room for the shoot towering over the fashion wizards responsible for her camera-ready transformation. Unfortunately, I was abruptly awakened from my reverie and thrust back to reality. I had to rush off for my 2 o'clock appointment in downtown Brooklyn to meet my new dressmaker. But I am waiting with bated breath for the July issue to hit the newsstands. Because it will take me back to the day that I was almost in Vogue.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. I love that you say mannequin instead of model.