Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going & Going & Going. . .

Time waits for no one. So I am just trying to keep up the pace. And that requires a juggling act of epic proportions. I've found it a necessary evil to manage multiple projects simultaneously without them crashing down around me. And that is just the life of a successful fashion executive. Ha. After my friend Chris teasingly called me a fashion executive a few years ago, it just sort of stuck. I think it has a nice ring to it. But back to juggling. As Ashanti, Serosh and I were busy selecting a new web designer and we were preparing for Queens Fashion Week and I was meeting with my hat man, OH, and my make up artist Alexandra, I was also finishing up the sketches for Spring 2011. It was absolutely insane! A couple of years ago, I answered one of those online personality assessment questionnaires and I found out I was a 7 which is The Enthusiast. And basically it described me as a serial multitasker who craves happiness through creativity. Yet, I also tend to wear myself out in the process. Sounds about right. I am so psyched about Spring 2011. It all began with the idea to dissect the trench coat that just mushroomed into an 18 look collection. Now that's ambitious. And I hear a lot about globalization, so this collection is called "Been Around The World". My lady has just returned from far away exotic locales like Bombay, Africa, Bali, and South America with a quick jaunt in Montego Bay, Jamaica too. But all the dresses have a distinctly American sportswear sensibility. Think It's A Small World in New York. And my songstress of choice for this season is Chaka Khan. Man, did I have a crush on her as a kid. Chaka is sexy, earthy, sensual and just bad to the bone. Everything I want these dresses to be. So just sit back, keep up, and enjoy the ride. I've got a ways to go before it's all said and done. I'm just getting started. But right now I've got to polish up my juggling act. The next few months are going to be very, very busy.
Peace & Fashion!

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