Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry

I always try to be open to what the universe is telling me. Because it is the truth. But, you know, life is noisy and sometimes the voice of truth can be difficult to hear. For so many years, curvy women have told me that they've loved my designs. And many have asked, "When are you going to start making dresses for us big girls?" I've responded to their queries with the same rehearsed, yet honest answer. "I've gotta crawl before I can walk." My word is my bond and I stood by my solemn promise that I would not forget them once I made it. After all, none of us should be deprived of being full-fledged fashionistas, no matter what the size. Right?! I took enormous pride in the custom pieces that I designed for family members and friends. My great Aunt Edie who is a size 14 commissioned me to make a teal wrap blouse with ruffles and matching slacks that was rendered beautifully. And I once designed a wool tweed pant suit complete with a faux fur pony print collar and silk top for my cousin Lamesha who is a size 12. It was beyond statement making. In fact, it screamed "I AM FABULOUS AND YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AT ME!" And the awesome wardrobe that I created for my sister's cruise vacation a couple of years ago was both chic and smart. In fact, I've never had nothing but love for my big girls. So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was sitting with my very successful art gallery owner friend Alexandre, when he suggested that I create a niche for myself. He has done it by being a purveyor, dealer, and curator of fine Russian contemporary art. And he articulated that my financial freedom has been so elusive because I am lost in a sea of fashion designers trying to do the same thing. What I need to do is focus on a small underserved portion of the market. Hmmm. Sounds smart. And then the wheels started to turn and something clicked. I have an affinity for curvy babes. I have been surrounded and loved and nurtured by them my entire life. And my big girls do not have the same kind of options that the skinny chicks do. Maybe they will appreciate my aesthetic a little more than the usual suspects. But this requires a leap of faith just like anything else. What if the boutique owners for the curvy customer reject me the same way the others have? What if I am way off the mark with their desires for stylish contemporary dresses? What if. . .? Oh, what the hell?! As my ex would often say, nothing beats a failure but a try. And the time has come for me to try! Big girls don't cry 'cause I am here to offer you something new and fresh that is an alternative to caftans and muumuus. I am here to offer you Wilbur.
Peace & Fashion!

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  1. Did you forget the piece that you created for the ultimate plus-sized fashionista...ME?!?! LOL! Love you baby - good luck on this new journey