Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last week a friend of mine confided that she was mad at me. "Why are you mad at me?" We hadn't spoken in a few months and I had not uttered a word about her that could have been misconstrued as antagonistic or mean that might have gotten back to her. She went on to explain that earlier this year my blog had taken on a darker tone and she was not pleased about it. She had always anticipated reading about my odyssey because it made her feel empowered and energized and it motivated her to be a better person. Well, she didn't actually say that it motivated her to be a better person. I just added that because it sounds good. But, admittedly, I was caught up in one of my blue moods. Whenever there is an extended period of frustration because of money woes or lack of support from my business partners or I am invariably hitting a brick wall, I will fall into a funk. After I apprised her of the previous months' rough patch, I began to, without delay, admonish her for not reaching out to me to see if I was okay. "Instead of being mad at me, don't you think you should've checked up on me?" I asked. While I am certainly not in the same dark place as Alexander McQueen, the genius fashion talent who hung himself last month, I recognize that this fashion game takes a toll on my spirit and I liken it to a ride on an emotional roller coaster. My dreams for my life are bold and big and inclusive of so many others and I want so much for my hard work and persistence to begin to pay off. I am hungry for my moment to shine. In fact, I'm going to start referring to that as my Madonna moment, because, Lord knows, she is one person that has mastered the shine. So if you see my tone darken, just have a little patience with me. The sun doesn't shine every day and, unfortunately, neither do I.

Peace & Fashion!

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