Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little of This & Some Of That

If you're reading and following my odyssey, then you know that last week I made a bold move when I asked you to make a monetary donation to help me finish my collection. I tried to figure out another way to complete the remaining 7 samples without having to resort to taking up residence on the streets, but it seems that I have run out of options. Of course I never thought of pole dancing, but I don't think I have enough of a fan base to justify those kind of moves. And besides, my talent really lies in fashion design. Already I've raised $250. Thanks Guys! But we are still quite a ways off from funding this endeavor. So please keep it coming. I've robbed from Peter to pay George who has begun work on the next look. And I am elated by the thought of having my model Ila come in and have the muslin fitted sometime this week.

On Saturday night, I bumped into my friend Calvin C. on the commuter train. He admitted to being exhausted by his own fashion odyssey. I met Calvin several years ago after I had produced a runway spectacle showcasing my pieces as part of a charity event held at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.). We were introduced by one of my models and he was a graduating fashion design student at the time. Now he has created a website called styleapple.com in order to help people in the fashion industry find jobs. He holds me in reverence because he says I just put all my business out there. And in an industry that is known for hype and smoke & mirrors, that takes guts. I confided in Calvin that writing this blog is, in a way, cleansing and therapeutic. It provides an outlet to get things off my chest and leave them at the alter of disappointment and disgust. This way I am not emotionally held back from pressing forward. And I think we all need to purge every once in a while. But I need it more than most.

A couple of months ago, a young man introduced himself to me on the 6 train. As I squeezed into a seat with my dresses hanging above me, Eric J. asked me if I was a stylist or a designer. We exchanged pleasantries and business cards during my ride before I quickly reached my stop. But I was impressed by Eric's audacity because nobody ever approaches me on the subway unless they're begging for money. Last week we met at a Starbucks close to the plantation. Eric is a very talented hairstylist who hails from the hinterlands of Texas. And I shared with him my vision for the collection and showed him the sketches, the first samples, and the shoes. He was positive and deeply spiritual and we hit it off just fine. And now we are planning to work together on the photo shoot in January. I think that this will be a fruitful collaboration.

I've got big dreams. Each time I finish a collection, I believe that this will be the one that has store buyers ringing my phone off the hook with orders and shoppers chanting my name and magazines begging to borrow the pieces for their shoots. And then other times I wonder if I am on the right path to turn my dreams into reality. But I am always encouraged by friends, as well as strangers, to just stay the course. And that is exactly what I plan on doing.

Peace & Fashion!

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