Thursday, April 2, 2009

Step by Step

Today I was talking to one of my best friends, Marcia. I love her because since I have invited myself into her life she has supported me and encouraged my career endeavors. Following my "odyssey" on, she complimented my writing style saying that it was informative and entertaining. But she thinks that I need to share more of my vision for Sorta Kinda Enterprises. I greeted her suggestion with a sense of weariness. Now I admit that that there is power in words and we have the potential to speak things into existence. But the universe's plan for my journey is very different from how I envisioned it. Early on I put everybody and their mother on notice with my plans for fashionworld domination and 11 years later I still have not reached my pinnacle. Instead of a chorus of "Congratulations, You go, BOY!", I have been met with doubtful gazes and a steady stream of "What happened?" After the thousandth "What happened?", I started to rethink how much of my plans I should share with the general public. Because, let's face it, how many times should I have to be reminded that right now I am still an almost, not quite there yet? But Marcia is right. Not only do I have to walk the walk, I also have to talk the talk. Speak success, work at it, and it will surely come. And I've got to be patient with myself and ask others to be patient with me, too. Rome nor a fashion empire was built in a day. When I did my first runway show back in 1998, I chose a song by Whitney Houston called "Step by Step". Little did I know then how relevant this piece of music would become and the imprint it would have on my life in fashion. Whenever I hit a wall, I will pull this cd out and play it. Loud. The part I like the most goes like this:
And this old road is rough and ruined
So many dangers along the way
So many burdens might fall upon me
So many troubles that I have to face
Oh, but I won't let my spirit fail me
Oh, I won't let my spirit go
Until I get to my destination
I'm gonna take it slowly cuz I'm making it mine
Since I speak of inclusion, I will REALLY keep you apprised of what is going on in my world. And I hope you are there when I reach my mountaintop. But for now I've got to take it step by step.

Peace & Fashion!

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