Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fashionably Ever After. . .

I know you have watched those chase scenes in the movies or on your favorite television program when the good guy is on foot and in hot pursuit of the villain. And the offender is doing his damnedest to escape by throwing obstacles into the hero's path. That is what last week felt like for me. Right now all I want is to create 7 distinctive, well-made, stylish denim cocktail dresses to see if fashionable women will support my vision and buy them. I don't think I am asking for much. I just want a chance to see if I can accomplish what has eluded me for 11 years. But I declare that there is someone or something every step of the way to thwart my plans. I relied on someone to take one of my illustrations and sew it into existence. We've worked together on other projects over the last few years, and had, for the most part, a wonderful working relationship. But this time I was left in the lurch when a deadline could not be met. And then I was given major attitude when I took umbrage. But just like the hero in the movies, I continue my chase and prevail. Thankfully, I've activated my plan B. So although I had to take a moment to regroup, I am moving forward. And this week is going to be filled with progress. Because the good guy always wins.
Peace & Fashion!


  1. Yes, the good guy does always win. This will be successful!

  2. Divo, you've always managed to duck those obstacles and come out ahead. I'm positive that you'll do it again.

  3. Keep pressing forward...I see the goods just ahead. It's all very exciting. I so enjoy every installment of your life and escapades fashion dude. Your writing is catchy and fun. I love it. Your #1 fan...alright I might have to stand in line, but you know what I mean.