Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do You Believe?

When I picked up my mail today there was a special insert included with my edition of WWD. For those of you who don't know, WWD or Women's Wear Daily is a trade newspaper published Monday through Friday (mostly) that serves as the fashion professional's go-to resource to find out the latest & get the industry 411 on everything from runway show spectacles to company financials to trade shows to which industry titan is flexing its muscles. It is like a cross between The Wall Street Journal and People magazine for the fashion set. That aside, the insert is titled WWD Collections and it is brimming with an encapsulated montage of color photos and stories even more colorful from the New York, London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks. The reader is treated to a concise overview of the runway trends, the editors top 10 favorite presentations, and profiles of fashion's most rich & powerful. Yours truly has been fortunate enough to have been featured in this publication twice! This time out the magazine profiled Ralph Lauren. Great! Ralph Lauren is my hero. Business wise he is at the top of the heap. His message is always clear, not convoluted. And his clothing is always well made and wearable. If I were to model myself after anyone , it would be Mr. Lauren. In the article he says, "Be as good as you can be and give it your all to project what you believe in. . ." These are certainly words to live by. At SK Wilbur/Sorta Kinda Enterprises, we are committed to doing our best. I am creating tops that are fun, happy, affordable, and easy to care for. And because I believe color can incite joy, each piece is infused with a myriad of colors. We are also in the process of creating accessories, like our "tee" bags, that are functional and fun applying some of the same vibrant colors from our tops. For us, it is about taking something that we might see everyday and tweaking it so that it is fresh and new. My team (Serosh & Ashanti) and I are working diligently to acquire the financing to bring our line of happy tops and bags to the consumer as soon as possible. Sometimes we feel as if we are chasing our tail, but we continue to give it our all because this is a project we believe in.

Peace & Fashion!

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