Sunday, April 5, 2009

If The Shoe Fits. . .

I have not designed a collection of tailored clothes for a minute now, but it is almost like riding a bike. I really enjoy the creative process and mapping out the details of each look. But I become anxious sometimes when I think about the cost of putting a collection together. How will I be able to afford this latest endeavor? But I just push on through because I know I am just following my destiny. My friend Sheila Rule says that I am "walking my prayer". Buying the fabrics and trims and then taking it all to the seamstress who will bring my illustrations to life is probably the first step after sketching. But I must also employ a fit model. This will allow us to refine the pattern of each piece so that we know my dresses are actually wearable on a live person. The task of finding someone who fits the bill wears me out. Of course, I could go to an agency, but I am trying to keep my costs down. So I let my fingers do the walking to - the new yellow pages - where I place an ad for a fit model. This Friday past my posting went up live and read like this:
Immediate hire for a fit model for the launch of a new line of cocktail dresses. Please be professional and punctual. You must have the following measurements - Bust - 34", Waist - 26", Hips - 37". Please be 5'9" or taller.
I got several responses from a gaggle of models and model wannabes. All of the women were lovely, but some didn't quite have the measurement requirements and others didn't quite have the height. But I was able to set up 5 appointments for the following Saturday afternoon at my local Starbucks. At 2:30 p.m. a call comes in from one of the candidates, "Hi Wilbur. I am here." To which I replied, "So am I. Please come on upstairs." Up the stairs comes the very statuesque goddess Valencia. She hails from Virginia and oozes Southern charm and grace. We talk like old friends. I am almost certain that the job is hers. But I must see all the ladies first. Fair is fair. Although I have scheduled each candidate 30 minutes apart, no one else has shown up. My watch is fast approaching 4:00 and I am about to hit it when another candidate calls. "Wilbur, I am only a few blocks away. Please wait for me." I am fine with that. The lovely and buxom Daniela and I are talking less than 10 minutes later. She, too, is very personable, but I think her bust measurement may be a little too large. We end our meet and greet and I tell her that even if she is not chosen to work with me on this project, there are certain to be other projects in the future. I am convinced that I have found my Cinderella. And her name is Valencia. After all, she is wearing the shoe so it must fit.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. I'm so glad you have found someone you feel a good vibe from. As you have stated previously, good models are hard to find - and keep! I look forward to meeting Ms. Valencia...

  2. Awwwww Wilbur!!!!! Thank you, this posting really means a lot to me. I know we will have an amazing time working together. Thank you for the opportunity!


  3. Wilbur,

    Valencia is amazing. She has been my best friend for 11 years now and there is no one else that I know who encompasses such stunning beauty and energy all the while being so humble and loving. I think the shoe definitely have made a fabulous discovery :)


  4. Wilbur,

    Valencia, (sister) is amazing. THe beauty she employs comes deep within. She has been my Cinderella my whole life.


  5. Yay! I know she must be fabulous...b/c you are definitely particular with your ish! Work it Valencia. ;)

  6. Love the energy (& the hair). I look forward to 6/20!