Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michelle, ma belle. . .

Like myself, many people around the globe are excited about the new era in American politics ushered in by our country's first black president, Barack Obama. There is a renewed spirit of optimism and hope coursing through the veins of citizens of the world despite the numbers of victims the economic crisis has claimed. Millions are hoping that President Obama can put a stop to the economy's bloodletting. But fashion insiders are looking to Michelle Obama to reinvigorate the fashion industry. No, we don't expect the first lady to create a fashion stimulus package. But it is hoped that her choices will motivate women to shop. And everyone has weighed in on Mrs. Obama's fashion choices. And now it is my turn. Not surprisingly, I think she should add a little SK Wilbur to her closet. After the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration, two angels whispered in my ear and suggested that I send a little somethin' somethin' to the first lady. Surprisingly, I had never even considered it. But then I thought, "Why not?" So I pulled some fabric swatches from my favorite store Mood (anyone who has watched Project Runway knows about this fabric emporium), and began to really study her style. In two weeks, I had sketched about 5 or 6 looks for our first lady. I wrote a letter to include with the illustrations and asked my friend in public relations to edit it accordingly. I mounted each design and arranged the swatches to make it all pop and unearthed a clear plastic case at The Container Store so that the presentation looked exceptional. And I made a duplicate package to send to Ikram Goldman, the woman who owns a store in Chicago who has acted as her fashion advisor. According to my tracking numbers, UPS promptly delivered one package to Desiree Rogers, The White House social secretary, and one package to Ikram. But I have not heard anything. Bombarded with identical requests and busy with first lady obligations, I am not surprised. But it sure would be nice to answer the phone and hear Michelle's voice on the other end.

Peace & Fashion!

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  1. That would be nice. And then you can pass the phone to Miss Samarra Yazmin who would tell her that her husband speaks so well :).